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In today’s episode, I’m discussing constraint and how it is necessary in order to find balance in your life. Sometimes constraints serve us because it makes us get a little more creative when we absolutely have to find a solution. Constraint actually offers more freedom than I ever imagined, because when you remove the things that are holding you back, you become so much more productive.

Topics in this episode

  • Definition of constraint
  • Results of poor planning
  • Role of subtraction in our lives
  • Identifying and removing obstacles that slow you down
  • Taking massive action to keep moving forward
  • The positive outcome of saying no

Hey friends – how is everyone doing today?

Hopefully amazing.

Today I want to talk about the idea of constraint.

And I don’t mean the types of constraints we sometimes complain about – too little time, not enough money, not enough resources… sometimes those may hold us back – but you know what?

Sometimes such constraints also make us more creative when we absolutely have to find a solution.

Insert MacgGuyver Clip – you guys remember him?  He would like stop a bomb with a stick of gum…

But that’s not what I’m talking about today.

What I want to talk about, is why constraint is so important to finding any sort of balance in your life – and how it helps to reduce some of the stress and overwhelm you might be feeling.

Now, one of the definitions I came across as I prepared this was limitation or restriction – and I don’t know about you but when I hear restriction – well to me that sounds like something I don’t want to do – almost like a loss in freedom.

But what I want to offer is that constraint – in the way I am discussing today – actually offers so much more freedom than I ever imagined.

So I encourage you to stick around and be open to this – for your benefit.

You know that saying ask a busy woman to get something done and she will?

Or at least the saying is something like

And it is true right?

I know for so many of the women I work with they have careers, so demands from the boss – or more from themselves – and kids demands and significant other demands and they do do do – but at what cost?

You keep going and doing but at the end of the day you are like – wait – how do I still have all of this do do?

I thought I did so much.

And you likely did.

But was it the important stuff?

When we don’t start out with a plan the day gets thrown at us – all of the demands – and we just keep trying to juggle it all.

Putting out fires everywhere.

I tell my team – the idea of putting out fires – which trust me – I have done – and understand there are exceptions – but when you are always putting out fires that to me is a sign of poor planning.

Think about it – a fire is not usually something we want to be a part of.

It is a form of destruction and combustion.

But in our lives it’s almost like – well for me it was – and I might guess for some of you at least – it’s like an honor to be the one to put it out.

Like you did a good job saving the day.

But we are not firefighters my friend.

We are professional career women,



daughters and we are placed on this Earth to show up as our best self.

Putting out fires all the time is spending your time and efforts to deal with problems – maybe in your company and not spending it on ordinary business – or growth opportunities.

And I think this applies to any aspect of our life.

Whether it’s dealing with running around for the kids or racing to meet your girlfriends.

The stress that comes from it all can be alleviated with constraint to what is truly important to you – and to your goals.

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