Commitment, Compelling Reason & Who You Will Become in 2020

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This is that time of year when everyone is talking about a fresh start and their goals for the new year. And while you can get a fresh start every single day, this is the time of year to really think about your goals and how you are going to take steps to achieve them. I want to help you work through your goals, why they are important to you, and how, with some intention and reflection, you can make it happen.

Topics in this episode

  • Become the person that accomplishes that goal
  • Visualize: what will you be like when the goal is accomplished? What will you act like? How will you feel?
  • Be specific
  • Being committed, no matter what
  • Get curious. Why do you think you haven’t done it already?
  • Get 1% better every day
  • Worksheet:

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Hello hello hello

Welcomes back to the podcast – and welcome to a new decade! I’m so excited to be here
I hope you are –

I have been thinking about you so much

And I have so many different ideas for the new year I love this time of year
I really enjoy the organizing and thinking about starting fresh Again lol.
Right – we can actually start fresh every single day

But usually this time of year people start with some resolutions I really don’t do that
I’m not sure why – not good reason Or actually – maybe there was
I might not have always kept them

so it might have been easier to just stop doing Which is exactly what I want to talk to you about today
Ok – so we are in this goal setting mindset at the start of the new year right? Maybe for you its find more balance in your life
Or lose a couple of lbs

Or maybe cut back on the vino Or maybe save some money All of if is fabulous
But I want to share with you what I have learned about the most important thing You have to have
In order to follow through

Today I want to talk to you about commitment, your compelling reason, and becoming the person who accomplishes that goal
That’s fun to think about right? Who you will become
I guess the question might be

Do you take the time to think about that? Like, really bring yourself to the place Where the goal is already accomplished? What will you be like?
What will you act like?

And most importantly – how will you feel? So much fun to think about that
Because honestly – the reason we do anything I Or not do
is because of how we think we will feel

Like when I clear up some debt I will feel more in control But I need to feel more in control now
In order to actually start taking the actions Of cleaning up the debt
You guys – we get it wrong

We think once we become thinner Or richer
Or whatever it is for you

That that’s when we will feel better

But have you ever lets say lost the 5 lbs you were looking to lose And then thought it wasn’t enough
You could shed a couple more

And THEN you would be happy I don’t think I’m the only one Or – I know for me
Last year this time I had all the debt paid down And guess what
This year I added some more

Because I really didn’t do all the thought work around it To begin with
So I want to help you with your commitment Let’s start there
Actually – first

I want you to think about your goal Be very specific
Is it lose weight? How much?
By when?

Is it spend more time with the family? What does that mean?
Dinner together every night? Weekend day dates?
Be very specific

Now – when I talk about commitment

I’m talking about the quality of you being dedicated to it Are you 100% committed?
No matter what happens How committed are you?
If you tell me 100% committed and I say – great

So if you don’t accomplish it – will you pay be 75,000? No?
Not so sure now? Lol
Think about it – how committed are you to doing it – no matter what Being committed means even when it’s uncomfortable
Even when obstacles come along You have a certainty
Not that you won’t encounter challenges But that no matter what you encounter – you will figure it out
Make sense?

So now your brain has a clear goal And a commitment
And your brain wants to find evidence for what you believe is true So this starts the process of getting to the goal

I also want you to get curious

Why do you think you don’t already have it?

Because usually what happens is we have a competing desire. So maybe we want to lose weight
And I just keep going back to this example because I feel like This time of year so many of you want this
We just came off the holidays and we get back to clean eating And the gym
At least for the first couple of weeks

We have friends that own a gym and we used to laugh

At how busy it would be at the start of the year And then
Not so much

So – what are the competing desires why you don’t have it?

Maybe if its gym time the competing desire is you want to stay in bed longer

Maybe if you aren’t eating clean it’s because instead you use your time to stay at work Longer instead of meal prepping
I encourage you to write down all of the reasons why you think you don’t already have the goal Remember – awareness is key to making changes
so we want to know what our brain is telling us that seems so much better And usually that would be anything that avoids pain,
Seeks pleasure and/or – is easy right?
The motivational triad of the brain is to do all 3 Avoid pain,
Seek pleasure

Be as efficient as possible

So – now that you have all the reasons

Its important to know these so we filter them out as we move towards the goal
OK – so now we have the clear and specific goal We have the commitment
Now why do you want to do this? This my friends is the key to success
I mentioned it at the start of the podcast

This is the most important thing in my opinion

What is your compelling reason why?

This is what convinces you that something should be done

And I’ll give you two questions to ask yourself as you consider this Why?

So what?

So let’s stick with the example of the losing a couple of pounds But if we are being specific lets say
Lose 5 pounds by March 17

Ask yourself why you want to do that First answer might be
To be healthy

Here is where I like to ask why?

Because I’m going to let you in on a secret

Lets say you have a great plan to get to the gym in the morning Because you want to be healthy
And then you don’t sleep well the night before The alarm goes off
And what do you think your brain wants to do in the moment?

I’m going to say hit snooze and tell you – we will be at the gym tomorrow Because remember
Avoid pain, seek pleasure, be efficient Its the way of the human brain
And if I’m trying to on purpose say Oh – but I want to be healthy
My Brain is likely going to tell me I can be healthy tomorrow lol. right?

Again – I don’t think I’m the only one that has experienced this The reason is not compelling enough
So ask yourself why

And keep asking until it is truly a compelling reason Think about it
If the same scenario took place You didn’t sleep well
The alarm went off

And your kids life was on the line

You would have NO problem hopping out of bed to get to the gym See the difference?
That is a compelling reason

Now – think about what you need to do

to become the person who loses 5 pounds by March 17 I think sometimes we set these goals for ourselves
That are

Well – maybe big goals

Because we have this idea that it has to be big in order to be worth it But really – all we need to do is get 1% better every day
Its who you become daily that gets you to that goal Its implementing new habits each day
That gets you to the goal

So what are some of the small changes you can make? The person that loses the weigh chooses the salad
The person that loses the weight has implemented movement How do you do that now?
I’ll be talking about new habit formations in upcoming episodes but just start thinking about

Who you become once you accomplish the goal

And don’t wait until it’s accomplished to be that person Start today
And if you don’t think 1% change is that much Think about a flight that goes from point a
and is scheduled to arrive at point b

When the flight plan is 1% off you my friend Will end up at point c
It makes a difference So –
What is your commitment – no matter what What is your reason why – this is everything
And think about how much fun it will be when you get there? Write it all down
And keep writing it down daily so you remember Think about this –
What will your future self be thankful for? So much fun to think about!
Let’s do this friends – I’m so excited to be here with you – 2020 – the year of clarity right? Listen – if you are ready I offer one on one private coaching – virtually –
let’s hop on a quick call –

I do it with all my clients to see where you are – where you want to be –
and how we will get you there

I want to make sure I can help you

Go to and set up a time

Ok – that ’s what I have for you today

Let’s circle back next week But for now
Make it a great day Take care!

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