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In today’s episode, I’m discussing being the CEO of your life. I want to talk to you about choosing to be the CEO of your life. You really are, but sometimes you act more like an employee, thinking others have control over us or blaming others. If you always put others first, this is for you. The CEO is the highest-ranking executive in the company, and I want you to think of yourself as the highest-ranking person in your life.

Topics in this episode

  • Latest Freak Out Friday
  • How are you responsible for the outcomes in your life?
  • Deciding with speed and conviction
  • Adapting proactively
  • Delivering reliably
  • Engaging for impact
  • Why we don’t keep commitments to ourselves.


Hello…. – How is everyone doing today?

Look at that – just one hello today?  We must be getting right to

Actually no – not just yet – you know I like to share stories with you.

So – I just started this new bit of content on Facebook – Freak Out Fridays.  If you don’t already follow me there – michellebourquecoaching what are you waiting for?

So on Mondays I do a Mindful Moment and share just a quick bit of information that might help you during the week to be more mindful in your life.

On Fridays I’ve started giving you a quick bit of info on how my mind may have freaked out during the week – yes – it has been known to happen..

And remember you guys- I always say life is 50/50 – so even though I’ve been doing this for a couple of years – I still get the freakout at times too.

So – I’ll share my first one with you because I’m guessing you missed it.

we were late to picking up our pup due to vacation traffic.

(Who knew the Sunday after July 4th is one of the busiest travel days of year?

Well my brain said –

* To be late is to be forgotten

* I didn’t leave extra food so he might starve to death

* I didn’t plan to leave extra meds for him so all the other days mean nothing now

* I’m terrible

* The people helping us are going to be so put out

* This is terrible

* I must hurry (that middle picture is my husband saying we are no good to the dog  of we are dead )

Now all of this crazy didn’t change any of the circumstances.

The people helping us were so kind to wait.

The pup was safe and sound (as for us – it was 684 in NY – it’s kill or be killed anyhow so I was just staying with the traffic

The pup ate his dinner and had his meds at home

All was well – except my thinking

I could’ve believed –

*  He is totally safe and sound and everything will be fine

See friends – all of our thoughts really are optional.

All of the crazy thoughts – or just one simple one.

(As it turns out the hubs had the one simple thought – he tried to share – I wouldn’t take it)

Circumstance was the same.

Feelings were different.

I was the only one suffering.

Such a great example of how we get to choose.

OK – so speaking of choices – lets dive into todays topic.

I want to talk to you about you choosing to be the CEO of your life

You really are you know.

But sometimes we act more like an employee thinking others have control over us or blaming others

If you are one of my ladies that is always putting everyone else first – this is for you.

The primary responsibility of the CEO is to make major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the company and is the main point of communication between the board and corporate operations.

Now this I am sure you are like – yup – totally see that – I do everything – the work, the kids, the household.

But I’m talking about something a little different here today.

So – a CEO is the highest ranking executive in a company.

I want you to think of yourself as the highest ranking person in your life.


Do you ever?

I’m going to guess not likely.

For the most part we haven’t been brought up to think about ourselves like that right?

Somewhere along the line we started thinking we are not as important as everyone else.

Ummm… ladies – if we are the ones doing it all don’t you think that makes you pretty important?

Now – I’m not even talking self care like go take a bubble bath and get a massage.

I’m actually talking more like start taking responsibility for the life you are living.

Now – you might be like – wait – you just said I do everything and now you are saying I need more responsibility?

I’m not talking more jobs as in responsibility.

I’m talking ownership of your life.

Here’s what I mean.

I’m going to start with your job.

And let me back up for a second.

The reason I want you to take responsibility for all of it is because that’s where you get your power.

When you blame others – like think they should’ve done it differently or you are somehow the victim to another persons actions – well then what can you do about changing the situation?


What I want you to do – in every instance – is ask yourself – as the CEO of your life remember – how were you responsible for the results?

My coach had us do this a few months back and I have to tell you – it was SUCH a shift.

So let’s go back to your career.

And let’s say you didn’t get a position you really thought you deserved.

A lot of times in that instance it’s easy for our brain to go to –

well he or she didn’t like me, or

the other person is more of a suck up or maybe

you didn’t know they were looking for a specific bit of experience.

And when you are there – in all of that thinking – you are the victim.

You will learn nothing from the situation because in your mind – everyone else is at fault.

But – if you can ask yourself how are you responsible for the outcome –

well that’s where you can learn and grow my friend.

It may take your brain a bit of time because it so wants to believe it was everyone else.

But if you allow yourself to get curious you will learn so much more and be able to take the new knowledge into your next chance for a promotion.

So one simple question – how was I responsible for this outcome.

Now you hold the power.

OK – Deciding with speed and conviction.

I love this one.

I think form a time management standpoint this is such an important key to becoming more efficient.

I used to find myself always trying to over think situations – and it’s such a waste of time.

The wrong decision is better than no decision at all.

You know why?

Because at least you will learn what is not working.

Smart and slow often gets bottlenecked.

While I was getting some ideas for this episode I came across two questions CEO Jerry Bowe asked himself –

  1. What is the impact if I get it wrong?
  2. How much will it hold other things up if I don’t move on it?

Now I am not suggesting you go into a detailed report on these – but they may just offer you a quick chance to be aware that what the impact would be is usually not as much as your reptilian brain will initially suggest.

So make decsions in your life –

you want to take a new class?  Decide.  Don’t keep thinking about it.  Do it – you are the CEO – let’s get it done.

The next important characteristic of a CEO is Adapting proactively –

What I mean is recognize that setbacks are part of the deal and treat mistakes as opportunities to grow.

I think this is a great one for my weight loss clients.

We set protocols for them to plan their eating and it allows the chance to look at what the math is – like what did you eat, how did the effect your body, what is the current weight.

That’s just math.

But then we add the drama of _ oh my God this is terrible – I will never make it work.

As the CEO you are stepping into your life here and just taking the math – what you ate – what you weighed – and figuring out what needs to be adjusted.


Lose the drama and you lose the stress

Lose the drama and you gain more time

Adapt proactively and you get one more step closer to your goal right?

Delivering reliably  – consistently following through on commitments.

This one is HUGE.

I’m talking commitements to YOURSELF!

It is soooo easy for us to give up on something we planned to do for ourselves – or if you had a drink plan going or a food protocol or time set aside for personal developemet – and then something comes up for the kids or work – how quickly do you just no show on yourself?


I see you out there.

Stop it.

You are the CEO

Start treating yourself like it

I think I hear myself tell my clients this all the time – the commitments you keep to yourself are EVERYTHING – it truly is the building block of the relationship you have with yourself.

This is so important

And I’m not talking it has to be big thinks all the time.

I’m talking – you said you were going to do 10 minutes of yoga tomorrow – do it – don’t discount it.

Got it?

And the last characteristic I’ll add here today is Engaging for impact –

Successful CEOs have keen insight into priorities with unrelenting force on delivering results.

Honestly – I think sometimes the reason we don’t keep our commitments to ourselves is because we haven’t taken the time to be clear on our priorities and staying focused on what the goal truly is and why we want it.

You have to know what you are going for in order to keep going with unrelenting force.

What are you going for?

  • Decide.
  • Commit
  • Adapt

Be unrelenting in getting it.

You are the CEO – treat yourself with that importance.

That’s what I have for you today – let’s circle back next week – but for now – make it a great day – take care!

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