Hi – I’m Michelle Bourque, and I help women design balance between their professional and personal life, in order to excel in their career, but without the anxiety & overwhelm.  I’m a Certified Life and Weight Coach, and my approach is a new way to help you excel at your career, and do more of what you want when you are away from work.

I’ve been in a fast paced sales environment for over 20 years, and used to always feel so out of control of my time.

Since I’ve learned the tools I share with my clients, I have increased my sales numbers, built a new business, and continue to strive for more.

But the best part is – I have never felt so calm, in control, and in love with it all.

This could be the same for you – I promise.

I believe time is our most valuable assets – in our careers, with our families, and most importantly – to ourselves.

When we take control of our time, everyone benefits.

I want to help you begin creating the life you imagine.

Why is the work so amazing?

It is tailored to your specific life so you get the results you want, permanently.

So where do you begin?

Are you ready?