4 Steps To Improve Work-Life Integration

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Whenever I discuss work-life balance I always clarify – balance that works for you.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as true work-life balance – in the sense of 50-50 every day and kumbaya

But I DO BELIEVE you can ABSOLUTELY IMPROVE your work-life integration. I know because I did it.

Meaning – you can TOTALLY excel in your career – without the stress and overwhelm – AND do more of what YOU WANT.

In today’s podcast I discuss the 4 steps you need in order to begin improving your work-life integration.

Ready to do it for yourself?

If so – I developed this guide to help.

I would love to know how it goes – keep me posted!



Hello hello hello –

How are you guys this week?

It’s the last week of our quarter for work so – you know how that goes..lol

Many opportunities for mind management.

I actually put that in my gratitude journal this morning … Really – the tools I have for mind management
You know who I think kinda suffers since I started this? Excedrin.. – I take so much less now lol..
Ok- speaking of end of quarter crazy

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to present my Masterclass to a division of employees for the worlds largest medical device company


So much fun

The topic was around how to integrate work and life more In order to decrease the stress and overwhelm
AND – do more of what you want

So I decided today I would share with you some of what I presented I get so jazzed up because I know the people I presented to
Just like yourself Touch so many lives
And if you can get yourself feeling better

They all benefit

It’s the ripple effect I’m always talking about OK – so lets dive in
And wait – before I start

I want to encourage you to go to michellebourquecoaching.com and download the guide I have to actually DO this work

You know I love that you listen here But listening is passive action
I want you to start taking massive action

Start actually implementing – by doing – what I’m talking about That’s when you actually see the changes
Ok – so so lets dive in

I’m going to give you 4 steps to improve your work-life integration The first one – setting priorities
The problem with not having crystal clear priorities is you have your “to do” list and
you have your “if you can” do list –

But at the end of the day
they never seem to get fully completed

The bigger problem with not having priorities set, is everything seems important,
everything seems urgent,
and you are always running around putting out fires –

Which leaves you overwhelmed at the end of the day. The bigger problem with not having priorities set,
is everything seems important, everything seems urgent,
and you are always running around putting out fires –

Which leaves you overwhelmed at the end of the day. The biggest problem with lack of specific prioritization is:

You are always running around
feeling like everyone else’s schedule effects you, and you need to fit it all in.

The job The kids The boss
The husband
Everything else gets put first. It all seems like a priority.

You feel like you are never doing enough, because it is all so scattered
When I started this process I was convinced
I didn’t have any time in my life for one more thing.

I was too busy with my career – which NEVER seemed to shut off.
Once I stopped, evaluated, and implemented a system for prioritization:

I was able to find more time to work out longer, meal plan every week, start a new business and actually excel at the same corporate job.
Plus –
I have never felt more peaceful overall Begin setting priorities:
When you set your priorities your time is focused and efficient your mind knows exactly what is going to get done

No Matter What
One priority I have is my Peloton workout every morning. I used to just “hope” I would have time to workout –

Now it is a priority.
How does that get done?
That brings us to step #2 Decisions ahead of time
The problem with not making decisions ahead of time
is it leaves you to doing everything on the fly
The bigger problem with not making decisions ahead of time is you let life happen to you
instead of living it on purpose and with a plan.

You feel like you are always adjusting for everyone else.
You feel like you are “stuck” in your life because
you don’t make intentional decisions with the time you have. Instead you just keep on the hamster wheel going and going.

So what does making decisions ahead of time look like? Plan your day 24 hours in advance

Develop and stick to the plan based on the priorities you set
Let me tell you what that could look like
I set aside 10-15 minutes to look at the next day.
(I promise – you will multiply this time back when you begin doing this) I intentionally plan the exact work out (Peloton) I will do in the morning I plan what I am going to eat
I write down every single thing in a time slot on my calendar. This is not the same as a to do list

Scheduling it on your calendar for a specific time block will give your brain a specific task
in a specific time
and you will work more efficiently all day long. So how do you fit it all in 24 hours?

With step #3 – Constraint
The problem with not having constraint is you continue to accept the “one more thing” on your schedule as the norm
The bigger problem with not having constraint
is you continue to run around like a chicken with your head cut off which leads you to feeling stressed & overwhelmed.

You never have any time for you
The biggest problem with not having constraint

is it all just keeps adding up and
you feel like one more thing could literally put you over the edge.

Let me tell you a story
about one of my busy physician clients She thought she had no control of her time because her work schedule was crazy.
She had early mornings, late nights and
felt like it took up all of her time.
…I owned it after that.
I take breaks when I need to
and no longer push
myself beyond my capacity.
I took ownership of my thoughts and time
and lit that bitch up.

So how do you do it? Begin saying no.

Saying no to others is saying yes to balance When you say no to some things,
you open up more yes to what you want to do.

Think of yourself as the CEO of your life –
and honor commitments you make to yourself

Everyone around you benefits when you take this approach Let’s pause to see what we have learned so far
So how can you begin doing all of that today?

With step #4 – Develop new habits
Why are habits so important?

Our current life results are based on our current habits

If you want new results in our life you must implement new habits The problem with not having
a process for developing new habits is you don’t achieve any new results The bigger problem with not having a process of developing new habits
is you keep doing the same thing over and over and believe this is “just the way it is”
When was the last time you even had time to actually evaluate your habits?

With a process for new habits anything is possible – you can literally create a new reality for you

Setting consistent habits will reduce your cognitive load, and free up mental capacity.

You will be able to achieve balance and let go of the stress and overwhelm

Here is the key:

Begin with the concept of Compound Effect on habit formation Small steps lead to big changes

1% change today leads to an entirely different trajectory of your life

Think about a plane being 1% off the planned route from point A to point B….
After a 6 hour flight you are going to be at point C!

Most people try to make large swooping changes that don’t last. Small changes, over time, gives you lasting results.
This is exactly the philosophy I use with my clients – implementing changes that make a difference
so you can improve your work-life integration and let go of the stress and overwhelm

So I want yo encourage you to begin Implementing this right now: remember – go to michellebourquecoaching.com – it will be in the show notes – and download the guide that follows this

1. Set yourself as a priority
2. Decide and commit to take 10 minutes and plan each day
3. Constrain – don’t get side tracked in those 10 minutes.
4. Rinse and repeat – do it daily

Start there and continue to improve 1% every day – you will amaze yourself
Ok – that’s what I have for you today. Let’s circle back next week – but for now – make it a great day – take care!


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